Get the best out of
your headphones.

Solid Sound lets you dramatically improve the sound quality of your headphones. Rediscover your favorite songs – with brilliant highs, luscious bass and details you’ve never heard before.

Recommended by famous
artists and producers.

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Solid Sound is the best way
to listen to your music.

Entry-level models benefit the most from Solid Sound – instantly becoming fuller, clearer and more precise. Solid Sound provides the genuine high-fidelity sound that you’d only get with far more expensive headphones.

So simple.

Solid Sound works like a music player on your mobile device. All your songs, artists and playlists are automatically recognized by Solid Sound and can be easily played in the Solid Sound app. Simply choose the matching headphone model from the list of profiles and enjoy your music in the best possible sound quality.

Powerful beats, subtle details.

Whether it’s hip-hop, r’n’b, electro, rock or pop – Solid Sound breathes new life into your favorite tracks. Deep bass and driving beats propel your songs forward. Voices infused with physicality and presence provide real excitement. Even the subtlest of details pop out of the soundstage with perfect spatialization. With Solid Sound you’ll get to know your headphones as you’ve never heard them before.


Solid Sound profiles for many
popular headphones.

Download the free Solid Sound app to get immediate access to Solid Sound profiles for Apple’s EarBuds and EarPods. After the in-app purchase of the Solid Sound Edition (1.99 EUR) you can choose among 17 more profiles for popular headphone models from AKG, Beats, Sony, Sennheiser and other renowned manufacturers. And the range of profiles is constantly expanding.

Even more variety with
Artists Editions.

Preferences in sound are as individual as personal tastes in music. If you’ve always wanted to know how your favorite artists like to listen to music, here’s your chance to find out. With Solid Sounds’ Artist Editions you can download the unique sound settings of renowned musicians and producers – and hear their tracks as they were originally conceived in the studio.

Udo Lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg Edition

Transparent sound with more top-end.

Booka Shade

Booka Shade Edition

Club sound, perky bass, more transparency.

Olli Banjo

Olli Banjo Edition

Punchy mids and more bass on lower levels.

Goetz B.

Goetz B. Edition

British and Indi sound. Clear mids, moderate Bass.


Personal hearing ability.

Our sound customization works on the basis of the standardized audiogram that you can get generally free of charge from any ear specialist or audiologist. They have the optimal hearing test infrastructure and provide you with a personal audiogram for the standardized 125 Hz to 8 kHz range. Should your audiogram show a hearing impairment, e.g. at 8kHz at the left ear, just set the sliders in the Solid Sound customization interface at 8kHZ, left ear, according to your audiogram. Solid Sound then automatically adjusts the sound for a better music listening experience. Please note, that Solid Sound cannot cure hearing impairments.

Loud, louder, quiet.

The widely held assumption that louder sounds better becomes a thing of the past; thanks to Solid Sound’s intelligent technology your headphones reveal their full dynamic range even at low volume. Experience all the thrills your favorite music has to offer while protecting your hearing.